Sanatorium Dolina Narzanov

Beshtau, Marko Vovchok, 4, Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, 360002

About sanatorium

The bird view of Caucasus Mountains from the heights above 555 meters above sea level is magnificent.

It’s at that altitude Nalchik city lies. One of the most famous health resorts in the area is Dolina Narzanov.

Nalchik is surrounded by mountains; the climate is sub humid. Temperature fluctuations throughout the day are mild - warm days and cool nights. The there are no strong winds in Nalchik, a mountain breeze and a valley breeze balance each other.

The Dolina Narzanov lies in the Dolinsk district, Nalchik’s resort area.

It is surrounded by health retreats, mud baths spas, resort medical clinics, lakes and a gigantic park. It is the third biggest park in Russia; it covers 200 ha and it stretches for over 9 km.

The health resort has its own curative Tambukan mud deposits. The mud therapy is one of the reasons why the Dolina Narzanov became so popular. There are 12 springs in the area, and all of them deliver the mineral water by pipeline direct to the well rooms. Our medical staff designs an individual treatment and health prevention plans for every guest, including water intake schedule.

The swimming pool of the health resort is well known outside of Nalchik.

The pool with a comfortable temperature of about 36° is filled with curative nitric mineral water and open all year round.

The resort is nicely decorated with flower beds, fountains, sculptures and a lovely pond with decorative fish. A tennis court, fitness center and a club room are available to our guests.

The resort specializes in gastrointestinal health, gynecological disorders, musculoskeletal diseases and its comorbidities.

The resort achieved 3 star rating.